The Dormian bloom is a sacred plant with flowers. It changes colors every few minutes or so in a cycle. It will grow to a mighty Founding Tree of Dormia.

Relation to DormiaEdit

A person out of Dormia who has at least a little amount of Dormian blood will plant the bloom seeds, and let it grow for a 5 month period. After this, the person has to bring the bloom to the city they must save in time. This is because as soon as the seeds are planted the current Founding Tree of Dormia starts to die. If the Great Sleeper does not arrive with the bloom, then the city is doomed,destroyed by snow and starved.

Purple AshEdit

It is the highest crime to burn the plant's leaves. This will produce a purple ash that will temporarily give extraordinary vision, strength, lowering in age, and the power to see into the future. Then, the person will become blind if he or she is a non-Dormian, and still have sight that is blurry at times if Dormian. Nartam abuses this ash and has burned down multiple Founding Trees for it, with the Dragoonya.