Magrewskis at Ballast Game with Alfonso

Bilblox by the Nyetbezkov at the Ballast game

Paks Bilblox, reffered to in both Dormia and World's End as "Bilblox, is a main character from the series that travels with Alfonso on his adventures.

Life Before The BookEdit

When Bilblox first enters the story, he is a member of the Magrewski Longshoreman of Fort Krasnik. Bilblox is a key member of the Magrewski Ballast team. Bilblox was born in Vaike Kunda, a port town in Estonia.

During The First BookEdit

Bilblox wants to see the world, and is looking for adventure, so he comes with Alfonso on the journey to Dormia. Bilblox gets some of the ash from the Dormian Bloom into his eyes, and because he is not a Dormian, he begins to go blind, and when he has trouble navigating in the Straszyldo forest, he has to use more of the ash. Bilblox uses the ash's future seeing powers to save his friends twice, even though this reveals that he used the ash. When Bilblox arrives in Dormia, his white eyes reveal that he has been using the Dormian Bloom's ash, and despite Alfono's pleas, he is thrown in jail. Shortly after arriving, he breaks out with the help of Clink, who decides to call Bilblox "Leafey".